Sales is Not a Dirty Word with Aleasha Bahr

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Key takeaways:

  • You don’t have to be a bad person to be good at sales!
  • Who is Aleasha and how did she get started?
  • Do you think sales is a dirty word?
  • Aleasha helps you break out of that mindset. You can learn how to sell in a way that feels good to you!
  • You can sell people with hope as well as pain. Pain motivation is the old-school way of selling!
  • Kathy has cried on sales calls because of “pain selling.”
  • More people buy when they feel good, not when they feel bad.
  • When you sell on hope, you bring joy into people’s lives.
  • So many people feel awkward selling on a pain motivation.
  • Don’t compare your behind-the-scenes life to someone else’s feature film.
  • The most successful people have such hot messes behind the scenes.
  • Most people want a solution. And you’re that person to give it to you.
  • We feel gross when there’s a money transaction happening and you had to “sell” someone on it to get it. It doesn’t feel authentic.
  • People don’t value things they don’t pay for. Don’t feel guilty!
  • How can you sell in an authentic way?
  • Improv classes are a great way to improve your sales skills! It helps you get out of your head.
  • What is authoritative empathy all about? Empathy is the most undervalued tool in sales.
  • Kathy has made mistakes in the past and she ended up feeling a lot of shame around that.
  • Diffuse the shame a client might have around a business mistake they’ve made. It’s completely okay to make mistakes, and that’s why they’re coming to you, to help them get it right this time!
  • Are you trying to use someone else’s sales process? That’s because it doesn’t fit your personality and your tonality.
  • What happens if you don’t get sales coaching? You’ll keep undercharging for your service and will have poor boundaries with people.


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