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What is Expert VA® Training . . .

and what do we do?


We train individuals to be well-paid professionals at what they do. Not hobbyists, or ho-hum floundering, bargain basement Virtual Assistants. 

Expert VA® Training gives you the foundation, and coaching  you must have in place to create a thriving, in-demand, and well-paid virtual assistant career.

Once you have completed your training, receive your certification as an expert with Virtual Expert® . This is a designation as an expert in your field and with it comes many continuing community, training, coaching, and referral opportunities.

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It doesn't matter what level or stage you are at in your career as a virtual assistant . . .

Expert VA® Training has the lesson,

  • the coaching,
  • the community
  • the experience
  • and all the support you need to be the most successful virtual assistant professional you can be!

Are you just starting out? or interested in learning more about being a VA?

Are you already working as a VA but have plateaued?  Or need help attracting the clients YOU want?

Do you want to build a 6-figure salary or create a multi VA team? 


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