You Deserve To Live Beyond Your Socioeconomic Class or a Job with Toni Moore, Esquire



Key takeaways:

  • A little bit about Toni and how she got started in her career.
  • Toni grew up incredibly poor and she and her seven sisters had lived in and out of shelters.
  • When did Toni decide to become a lawyer?
  • When Toni went to law school, it was her first real-life experience with rich kids. Wow, what an eye-opener!
  • No matter what, Toni was not going to go back to the projects despite her failing her classes.
  • Toni knew that if she became a lawyer, she could help children like her and help them not suffer the way she did.
  • Toni lights up when she is able to talk to young girls in foster care and show them what’s possible with their life.
  • Destiny has a way of teaching you that you are worthy of living your dream life.
  • Because Toni was so passionate about what she was doing, it also meant she got emotional way too easily, which is not a good look in a male-dominated field.
  • Toni settled too early in her career. She wasn’t picky enough.
  • And then something happened, one of Toni’s sisters got shot in the stomach.
  • Sometimes when we lose hope, we lose our way.
  • Toni, believing she had a miscarriage, still knew she had to go to work while it was all happening. She didn’t want to even tell her law firm she was pregnant!
  • Toni had to be strong and courageous. Despite her going through health challenges, she could not stop going back to the offer to become a partner.
  • Toni finally woke up from the prospect that she could have died. And she prayed to God, and asked him to not let her die an “almost woman.”
  • The next thing Toni knew, she was starting over. She left her corporate career to take care of herself.
  • Do not be the damsel in distress. Romeo ain’t coming.
  • How did Toni get into coaching?
  • Have you lost hope? Toni has some words of wisdom for you.
  • Give yourself permission to be the hero of your own story!


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