Protect Your Business, Hire a Lawyer with Autumn Witt Boyd


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Key takeaways:

  • How did Autumn get her start as a lawyer?
  • What made Autumn decide to start her own law firm?
  • Autumn really just wanted to start out small and as an independent lawyer, but she hit a ceiling with the amount of work she could do.
  • Autumn really wanted to build a company that was friendly towards women as they were raising children. The corporate lawyer environment is rough and “part-time job” means 40 hours a week. Minimum.
  • Be friends with your competitors! It’s actually an excellent network to be tapped into.
  • How does Autumn do a pretty traditional business all online?
  • What can a lawyer do for a business owner?
  •  Autumn has some fantastic templates for online business owners that you can use! And! They regularly get updated.
  • Kathy made so many legal mistakes. Ouch! You save money by paying for a bit of legal counsel.
  • Why should you get a trademark? And when should you consider getting a trademark?
  • Don’t have a contract? Get yourself a contract! It protects both you and the client.
  • Don’t copy someone else’s privacy policy or terms and conditions.


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