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New skyrocketing cases of COVID-19 are sweeping various parts of the U.S., and people everywhere are holding their breath. We all ask ourselves, “What’s next?”

I’m happy to say there is a career with unlimited options that is available right now as the business world goes virtual. A career option that even Kevin O’Leary of Shark Tank endorses.

You can become a Virtual Assistant (VA).

For some of us, that question isn’t so much about what we’ll see in the news tomorrow or the next day, but about keeping ourselves safe and healthy, and what to do about our jobs - the thing we need that is keeping our lights turned on and our bills paid.

Teachers, in addition to a number of other folks in public-facing roles, fear increased exposure to the virus as a result of their daily interactions with others. It leaves a lot of employees across industries wondering if they want to go back to their jobs or if it’s time for a career change.

Right now, the world needs more VAs to help all of the business owners and entrepreneurs navigate this new virtual business landscape.

There is an abundance of opportunity.

There are limitless possibilities.

There is money to be earned.

Join me...

Hi, I'm Kathy Goughenour, former 6-figure virtual assistant turned business coach and trainer exclusively for Virtual Assistants and Virtual Expert®s.


Would you believe me if I told you that back in 2001, I ditched the corporate world and started a very successful VA business from my tiny home in the middle of a national forest?

Yep, it’s true!  But the story gets even better...

By 2008, I had experienced so much success as a virtual assistant that I decided it was time to share all that I learned with others so that they too could break free from the 9-5 and build businesses they love.

5 Training Sessions
🌟 Now Binge-Watchable 🌟

Here's your Training Schedule:

From Firm to Freedom Training

During Day 1, we’ll explore the VA industry and the wealth of opportunity that is right under your nose!
I’ll show you how you can use the skills you already have to start your VA biz and how to seamlessly transition from your corporate J.O.B. to your new career as a biz owner!

Specialize to Succeed Training

During Day 2, I’ll show you how to identify what your marketable skills are and turn those skills into specialized services that generate you massive income as an in-demand and high-paid VA.

Identify Your VA Type

During Day 3, you’ll identify what type of VA you are and we’ll talk about how this impacts your career. You’ll also learn all about the #2 trait that high-paying clients look for in a VA and how to develop this trait.

Mindset Shift Training

During Day 4, you’ll discover the #1 trait high-paying clients want in a VA and how to develop and demonstrate that trait. We’ll also explore what it’s really like to work from home and how to shift from a poverty mindset to a prosperity mindset (this is super important to your success). Lastly, we’ll dive into the most common problem scenarios VAs encounter with clients.

4 Business Building Blocks 

During our final day, I’ll be giving you the truth about what it really takes to become an in-demand VA with a thriving business.
We’ll explore the biggest obstacles that many aspiring VAs face and how you can guarantee these obstacles don’t stop you from reaching your goals.

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The Business World Needs You NOW! 

My aha moment was when I realized that I had already been doing so much like this already for the past 15 years... This is right up my alley. I can do this!

~Lauren Jane

Part of the reason why I wanted to take this webinar was I am 'ready' to expand my little VA business - and I really like the concept of VE - I want to expand my services and I want to be known for the level of service I provide - 'expert' - today's creative vs tech 'idea list' - what a surprise! I've always considered myself the 'tech' - what I see is that in today's world, I am actually a 'creative' - great! - I do have mixed feelings - I want to get involved in more work types, but I am determined to stay at about 20 hr / week - my current estimate. We'll see how things go over the next few days - great info!! I Love the class and love working in my jammies too! ..

~Mary Jo Griffin

This was very thought provoking! Some of these problems I have seen before in my J.O.B life so I can use the same solutions but this time with the support of the group!

~Pamela Kryglik

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Regular Price $97 

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